Benedict Cumberbatch looks very serious as inventor Thomas Edison until he starts dancing

Benedict Cumberbatch has a habit of transforming into very clever people. First he played Stephen Hawking, then he portrayed Vincent Van Gogh and last year he made the Oscars shortlist for his performance as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.

So it only makes sense that he’s moved on to another genius for his latest project. This time around the Sherlock actor will be playing Thomas Edison – the man who invented the phonograph, an early version of a motion picture camera and, above all, the lightbulb. We owe him a LOT. 

The Current War will show the rivalry between Edison and George Westinghouse (played by Michael Shannon) to “create a marketable and sustainable electricity system” in 19th century America. 

Joining the two actors on the film are Fantastic Beasts star Katherine Waterston, new Spider-Man Tom Holland, Ripper Street’s Matthew Macfadyen and X-Men star Nicholas Hoult. 

And today brings us the very first picture of Cumberbatch in character, dressed rather smartly…

But while his Edison’s edifice is quite austere, footage has emerged of the actor breaking into dance on the set of the film. One minute he’s addressing the crowd, the next he’s breaking out some fancy moves.

When it comes to Cumberbatch, we wouldn’t expect anything less…

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Behind the scenes footage proves there was nothing fake about that epic Sherlock explosion

Cast your mind back to last Sunday and you’ll recall Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes and John Watson almost met a very sticky end thanks to a drone rigged with explosives that secret Holmes sister Eurus flew into 221b Baker Street. 

Logic suggests that the Sherlock team were never going to kill off their leading trio, but it was still a tense moment watching them plot their escape from near-certain death – although personally we were more worried about the fate of hoovering rockstar Mrs Hudson downstairs… 

It was down to the special effects team to cook up exactly how such an explosive twist would reach our screens and since the episode aired, they’ve been sharing the tricks of their trade. Like this behind-the-scenes footage, tweeted by Sherlock’s special effects supervisor Danny Hargreaves, which proves that no CGI was employed in illustrating Sherlock and Watson’s death-defying leap from the 221b windows.

Quite how they landed is another matter, but the 30-second video shows two stunt men hurling themselves from a rigged-up building facade surrounded by an alarming amount of fire. 

And if you need a reminder of the dramatic moment itself, take a look below…

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Mark Hamill pays tribute to Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia inspires Women's March slogans

Carrie Fisher had made no secret of her distaste for Donald Trump in the year before her death. She never did mince her words – especially on the subject of the newly elected US president…

So, it seemed appropriate that her image was used to adorn reams of posters and placards yesterday as protestors across the globe yesterday were inspired by the actress and her most famous character – Star Wars’ Princess Leia. 

The actress – who passed away on December 27th after suffering a heart attack just before Christmas – was labelled by many as a “symbol of hope” as Women’s Marches took place in cities including Washington D.C., New York and London.

The messages and slogans prompted her Star Wars co-star, Mark Hamill, to take to Twitter in tribute as he told followers: “I know where she stood. You know where she stood. Such an honor to see her standing with you today.”

Yesterday’s Women’s Marches saw events take place in more than 60 countries around the world as people took to the streets to protest Donald Trump’s presidency just one day after he was sworn into office.

Celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Madonna, Dame Helen Mirren and Peter Capaldi were all among the hundreds of thousands marching. 


this is amazing!

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Who is Gavin Rossdale? The Voice UK coach profile

Name: Gavin Rossdale

Age: 51

Twitter: @GavinRossdale

Best known for: Being the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Bush and marrying Gwen Stefani

Bio: The 2013 recipient of the British Academy’s Ivor Novello Award for International Achievement was born and raised in London, where he developed the love for music that would lead him to become the frontman of post-grunge rock band Bush.

The group became one of the most commercially successful rock banks of the 1990s, selling more than 10 million records in the USA. Their debut album, Sixteen Stone (released in 1994) is certified 6 times multi-platinum by the RIAA. They weren’t as popular in the UK, achieving less success in their home country.

Bush went on hiatus between 2003 and 2010. Rossdale joined a new band Institute, which didn’t really take off, and also starred in films like Zoolander, Little Black Book, The Game of Their Lives, Constantine, How to Rob a Bank during the break.

They reformed in 2010 and have been collaborating together ever since.

On a more personal note, Rossdale is probably best known as the ex husband of Gwen Stefani. The pair first met in the early 1990s while Rossdale was touring with Bush and they later married in 2002, before divorcing in 2015.

In 2004 it was also revealed that model Daisy Lowe, his godchild, was actually his daughter.

Meet the 2017 coaches

Jennifer Hudson

Tom Jones

Gavin Rossdale

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The whole of Fortitude series 2 will be available immediately after the first episode airs

**Contains spoilers for series 1 of Fortitude**

Chilling Arctic thriller Fortitude returns to Sky Atlantic for a second series this month, after a break of almost two years. But fans with access to the channel won’t have to wait much longer than that to be able to see the entire ten-part series.

Immediately after the first episode ends at around 10pm on Thursday 26th January, the remaining nine instalments will be made available via the Sky Box Sets service. That means the majority of subscribers with a Sky+HD box and Sky Q will be able to watch it, as will those who use monthly on-demand service NOWTV.

Meanwhile, viewers who retain a soft spot for the weekly linear schedule will still be able to see Fortitude at 9pm every Thursday.

Series two catches up with the inhabitants of the isolated town of Fortitude in Arctic Norway nine weeks after the catastrophic events of the first run, which saw prehistoric parasitic wasps that had been released from the thawed out bodies of woolly mammoths turn townspeople into homicidal maniacs (yep, if you haven’t seen it, it’s a long story).

Dennis Quaid and Parminder Nagra are among season two’s big name signings, joining surviving cast including Sofie Grabol as town governor Hildur Odegard, Richard Dormer as Sheriff Dan Anderssen, Luke Treadaway as Arctic researcher Vincent Rattrey, Sienna Guillory as fellow scientist Natalie Yelburton, Mia Jexen as PC Ingrid and Björn Hlynur Haraldsson as Dan’s deputy Eric Odegard. Verónica Echegui will also be back as waitress Elena Ledesma, but will begin the series in a coma having been shot by Dan after going on a violent wasp-induced rampage at the end of series one.

Fortitude series two begins on Thursday 26th January at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

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Karen Gillan sheds some light on the reason for her skimpy Jumanji outfit

Cast your mind back to last autumn and you might recall the Twitter storm created by the first image released from Jumanji – the upcoming reboot of Robin Williams’ 1995 classic. The cause of the backlash was the barely-there outfit worn by Karen Gillan who stars in the film alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart (whose midriffs were all covered in plenty of khaki, as you would expect from characters clearly tackling some tricky jungle terrain). 

Gillan herself took to Twitter at the time to tell fans “there is a reason” for her skimpy get-up: “The pay off is worth it, I promise!” she tweeted, choosing to stay light on the details. 

So when The Hollywood Reporter sat down for a chat with the former Doctor Who actress on the set of her upcoming directorial debut, they quizzed her on the reaction – and she drew comparisons with her debut as Amy Pond (below) in the BBC sci-fi series. 

I’ve experienced something similar when I worked on Doctor Who and there was such an uproar about my costume when that was first revealed, so I thought it was happening all over again,” she said, before assuring fans “I’d never take on a role that was truly gratuitous for no reason.” 

She continued: “There’s a really valid reason why she’s wearing that. My character is really not happy about it!”

It had been speculated that Gillan’s character is either a parody or a child sucked into Jumanji and transformed into an adult version of herself – hence the small clothes. 

The reboot isn’t scheduled for release until Christmas 2017 so fans will have to wait a while yet to discover exactly what the promised pay off is. 

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He'll be back! James Cameron is reportedly planning a new Terminator film

The Terminator franchise has had a long and convoluted journey to its five screen outings. A smash hit when the futuristic Arnold Schwarzenegger flick was first released in cinemas in 1984, the cyborg’s latest effort was underwhelming, to say the least, with Termintator: Genisys drawing an underwhelming response from critics and the public. 

The eponymous robot needs rescuing and the man to do it is James Cameron – the writer and director who conceived him in the first place. The filmmaker is reportedly planning a new instalment in the franchise when he regains the rights to his creation in 2019. [Cameron originally sold them for $1 to producer Gale Anne Hurd under the agreement that he could not be fired as director.]

According to Deadline, the copyright reversion will take place 35 years after the original film’s 1984 release, upon which Cameron – who also directed Titanic and Avatar – plans to release a reboot and conclusion to the story he started. He has not been involved with the franchise since writing and directing a sequel, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, in 1991.

And just as exciting is the company he’s keeping: Tim Miller – who worked with Ryan Reynolds to turn Deadpool into 2016’s surprise smash hit – is believed to be on board to direct the latest Terminator project. 

Those are all the details we have for now with the new project’s various creatives believed to be plotting out exactly what form any new instalment will take. 

For fans of the franchise, it’s welcome news as 2015’s Terminator: Genisys was deemed a major disappointment despite Schwarzenegger’s return as the titular character. Plans for a sequel were swiftly put on ice and – until now – the billion-dollar franchise had looked to be floundering. 

But if there’s one man to turn around its fortunes, it’s James Cameron. Watch this space…

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Who is Chloe Ferry? Celebrity Big Brother 2017 profile

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates: Chloe Ferry

Age: 21

Twitter: @Chloe_GShore

Instagram: @chloegshore1

What is Chloe Ferry famous for?

Getting on the lash and ‘tashing on’ in Geordie Shore

Who is Chloe Ferry?

Chloe spends most of her time getting ‘mortal’ with her Geordie Shore gang in front of the cameras. A regular on the MTV reality show since its tenth series in 2015, she’s ended up with her knickers quite literally in a twist on numerous occasions. Tune in and you’re more than likely to see her partying hard, ‘tashing on’ with the Toon’s finest, rampaging round the Geordie Shore house and drunkenly hurling chairs into swimming pools (see below). 

Chloe has no filter, which is no doubt an exciting prospect for CBB producers hoping to stir things up following the departures of Ray J and Brandon Block. Expect her to put the cat among the pigeons when it comes to speaking her mind – Chloe was once removed from the Geordie Shore house for allegedly kicking newcomer Zahida Allen in a row over ex Marty McKenna. 

We’re certain she’ll make mint telly… 

See below for a taster – but mind the strong language:

Celebrity Big Brother 2017: meet the housemates









Ray J







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Meet the cast of Ex on the Beach

MTV’s Ex on the Beach is back for series six, where the guys and girls are single and ready to mingle. That is, until their exes arrive and threaten to spoil the pool party. 

This season promises to introduce more exes than ever before, so expect a catfight or two. Before tonight’s premiere at 10pm, let’s meet the residents cohabiting a luxury villa on the Greek island of Crete.

Josh Ritchie

Josh Ritchie, 22, is a real ladies’ man. He appeared on the 2015 series of Love Island and now that he’s joined Ex on the Beach, there’s only one thing on his mind…

He says, “I’ve never been in love before, but I’ve made love to several girls at once.”

He scores himself as a 10/10 for looks and he’s cocksure (ahem) that all the women on the beach will love him. We’ll just have to wait and see.

He’s also been linked to Celebrity Big Brother’s Stephanie Davis, who recently gave birth to a baby boy. The rumour mill has even speculated that Josh, rather than fellow CBB star Jeremy McConnell, could be the father.

Check out his Twitter and Instagram

Maisie Gillespie 

At the age of 20, Maisie Gillespie is the youngest member of the show. She’s originally from Bristol and studies journalism and politics at Cardiff University.

Maisie has been the subject of a couple of headlines herself as the former fling of Made in Chelsea’s Alex Mytton when he was still dating his ex Nicola Hughes.

She caused a stir when she featured in a Snapchat photo – barely clothed – taken by Love Island star Tom Powell. They met through her work, Climax Promotions, where she’s responsible for looking after celebrity guests. At the time, Tom was supposed to be dating his Love Island co-star Sophie Gradon.

Maisie says, “I am very aware of being a posh tottie, but there’s more to me than wealth.” She even owns donkeys.

Check out her Twitter and Instagram

Sean Pratt 

If you have a quick snoop on Sean Pratt’s Instagram, you’ll quickly discover who caught his eye on Ex on the Beach. He’s now one half of a loved-up couple with a co-star from the show – even making her his Woman Crush Wednesday.

The 26-year-old former stripper and naked butler from Coventry has gone as far as having her name tattooed on his hand. It looks like things really are serious, then.

If you want to relish the drama of the journey, we recommend steering clear of social media.

He says, “I like to think of myself as a modern day Jack Sparrow. I’m just a pirate looking for my treasure.”

Check out his Twitter and Instagram

Harriette Harper

Harriette Harper, a 25-year-old glamour model from Essex, previously dated Pete Wicks from The Only Way Is Essex. Considering he’s still with Megan McKenna, who’s appeared on Ex on the Beach, we don’t think he’ll be jogging across the sand Baywatch-style anytime soon.

“I’m so sick of bad boys. I need a real man. I need a soldier,” Harriette says.

She nabs herself a cheeky kiss in the first episode, but could he be the real man she’s looking for? 

Check out her Twitter and Instagram.

Alexzander Leslie

Londoner Alexzander, or Alex, Leslie was off jet setting in Marbella before filming started for Ex on the Beach, so his tan was all topped up and ready to go.

The 25-year-old is an avid fitness guru with a mountainous physique.

He says, “I used to be a massive geek…and ever since then, I’ve just been playing girls, not video games.”

Check out his Twitter and Instagram.

Zahida Allen

Zahida Allen is a former cocktail waitress from Newcastle who appeared in series 14 of Geordie Shore. In the first episode of Ex on the Beach, she claims to do a bit of modelling, dancing, and fire breathing.  

She openly admits to being slightly psycho and possessive when it comes to her men, so much so that she even followed and spied on her ex-boyfriend.

The 22-year-old competed in the UK Power Pageant last year and went on to represent Newcastle in Miss International, Miss Grand, Miss Intercontinental, and World Super Model UK. Additionally, she earned a spot in the finals of Miss Earth in 2012.

“The person I wish I could be more like is Mother Teresa. She’s never flashed a shoulder or an ankle in her life, never mind her boob – like me,” she says.

Check out her Twitter and Instagram

ZaraLena Jackson

ZaraLena Jackson, 24, is a dog lover and fashion designer. She’s a self-taught dressmaker and runs her own fashion label, ZaraLena, out of Preston. We expect to catch her in plenty of her own creations, especially swimsuits.

The redheaded firecracker has ties to Stephanie Davis’s ex boyfriend, model Sam Reece.

She says, “In 10 years time, it would be nice to have a nice partner and a family, but knowing my luck, I’ll probably end up having 10 Chihuahuas.”

Check out her Twitter and Instagram.

Ross Worswick

Ross Worswick, 27, is no stranger to Ex on the Beach. He was the first ever ex to surprise Chloe Goodman in series one.

Afterwards he found fame in Sky 1 reality series Desi Rascals. He dated co-star Jasmin Walia, known for The Only Way Is Essex, in 2014 but the pair split up two years later.

There’s nothing better than moving on to help mend a broken heart, which is why Ross’s reappearance comes at the perfect time. 

He comments on what he’s changed to take on the new season, including more tattoos, bigger muscles, and white-tipped hair.

“For me, style’s a big thing, whether you’re a guy or a girl. Some people have it; some people don’t. Luckily I’ve got it,” he says.

Check out his Twitter and Instagram.

Ex on the Beach starts tonight at 10pm on MTV

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House of Cards drops a very timely series five teaser and air date

On the day that Donald Trump was sworn into office, House of Cards have released what could be judged as a rather timely first teaser of its upcoming fifth series. 

The Netflix drama – which also announced an air date of May 30th – offered a chilling first look at its return which will once again star Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as evil presidential hopeful Frank Underwood and his equally manipulative wife Claire. 

The 30-second teaser for the return of the show features an upside down United States flag hanging outside the Capitol Building and an eerie rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance from a children’s choir. It’s all rather unsettling… 

House of Cards fans accustomed to the series launching in February/March may be disappointed to learn they have to wait an extra couple of months for its fifth season. That’s all down to the exit of showrunner Beau Willimon who conceived and wrote the first four runs of the show before stepping down last year.

He will be replaced by two of the series’ senior writers – Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese – but the release of the most recent run has been delayed by a couple of months while the new team finds their feet.

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